Analysis and quote request

Entrust your data to real professionals.

Analysis request form

This request include the analysis of your device and a quote for the data recovery.

The analysis is totally free if you send us your device on your own.

Once the analysis of your device is over, you will get an accurate quote within 3 hours after we received your device.

1. Applicant

2. Objectives of recovery

3. Technical details of the device

4. Sending your tapes

A few shipping methods are available. In a case of emergency or if the data are highly confidential please contact our technicians first not to take any risk.

  • Solution for emergency cases.
  • Once we got your request, we'll take contact with you in order to evaluate the best solution to get your device.
  • We have a few possibilities to get your defective Tape system in our laboratory in Neuchâtel.

5. Other informations

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